Project Development

868 solutions expo provides project-based consulting to help you meet your business goals and objectives with compatitive cost and highest quality. We study your specification and offer you the best consulting package to accomplish your goals.

868 solutions expo also delivers clients with highly qualified IT professionals with in-demand for full-time positions. We involve our partners and we select the candidates that are right for the position


We study customer requests and identify technical requirements to select the needed resources to meet deadlines. The study will output a planning of deliveries and costs that ensures high quality product with minimum fees


Our workforce consists of highly qualified engineers that work in an agile environment. The work progress will be reported periodically to ensure synchronization between the established work and customer expectations

Quality Assurance

For each request, a customized testing strategy will be set to ensure the best quality of the delivered work. We also provide Bugfix services to bring our customer’s products to perfection

What Include in the Service?


To optimize the technological choices of your applications.


At your service, to satisfy you at best: understand your needs and bring you the appropriate solutions.


Delivering the best quality of service that is daily. Behavioral and operational rigor irreproachable.

Reliability and Quality

We carry out projects whose quality and robustness are the guarantors for the future.