Who we are

Major Referencing

Proactive, 868 solutions expo looks for the most original, innovative and effective solutions that can best support its customers and employees.

Geographic location

Our company is present in Tunisia under the name of 868 solutions expo. With a view to developing in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and America.

Future Outlook

The future growth of 868 solutions expo will be based on its ability to grow organically on its current perimeter or to seek external growth through acquisitions.

about 868 solutions expo

868 solutions expo is an expert in recruitment consulting and Human Resources on North Africa and Africa.

We propose to support companies in establishing the best HR strategies to adopt in order to maximize their profitability, and candidates in the management of their careers.

We are experts in the acquisition of talents and potential, and have an experience of about three years on the North African and African market.

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our mission

868 solutions expo brings together a team of qualified professionals in the various IT sectors supervised by a leader and puts his experience and expertise to the service of projects in order to best meet the needs of client companies.

The will to succeed

We have a clear vision of the objectives to be achieved in the short, medium and long term. Success is what matters most to all of us. We are able to anticipate market fluctuations, change and adapt when needed.

The entrepreneurial spirit

Our Engineers and Consultants work with the largest accounts and SMEs-SMI of the industrial and tertiary sectors. Based on its business knowledge, 868 solutions expo supports projects of study, development, architecture or expertise.


We are proactive and motor. Our desire, our pleasure and our enthusiasm are communicative. Our Managers are happy to come to meet you to share with you their enthusiasm, their vision of their profession and the career prospects that we offer.


The experience and professionalism combined with our tools and methods are all assets that will put all the chances on our side to detect the best potential with the will to invest and succeed at the heart of rewarding projects.

Talent Placement

International talent placement

We provide our customers the ability to hire a consultant to join there teams for a well-defined objective and short periods.

Permanent talent placement

868 solutions expo is a nest for talents, and our headquarter located in Sfax provides a suitable work environnement for your remote team

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